Using Shared Network Drives

  • 1.  To save a single file to a folder on the G: drive:
    • a.  Open the file (Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, etc)

    • b.  Click the ‘File’ tab in the upper left corner

    • c.  Click ‘Save As’

    • d.  Click the ‘Browse’ button

    • e.  Select the G: drive (NOTE: your options may be different from image below)

    • f.  Locate the folder you want to save to

    • g.  After you select the folder you wish to save to, click ‘Save’

  • 2.  To save a folder to your U: drive:
    • a.  Locate the folder you wish to save to your U: drive
    • b.  Right click on your mouse and hover over ‘Send to’ to open the drop down menu
    • c.  Select your U: drive (example: peacockp (\\uiu-fsx\Users) (U:)
    • d.  Your folder has been copied to your U: drive (NOTE: it is not recommended to use this method to save to the G: drive as you cannot select a particular secured folder to send to, thus the folder will be visible to everyone until you physically move it to a secured folder, if necessary.)

  • 3.  To Access a Network Drive:
    • a.  In the lower left of your screen, open ‘Windows Explorer’

    • b.  Select the drive you wish to access 

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