myUIU Online Registration - Adding a class

Logon to the myUIU Portal

1. Navigate to 2. At the top of the page, click Login 3. Select myUIU Portal 4. Enter your User Name and Password in the upper left-hand corner

Add a Class 1. After logging in, click on the ACADEMICS tab at the top of the page (Fayette undergraduates: You will need to meet with your advisor to get clearance before registering online)

2. Click on Add/Drop Courses

3. Select the term from the drop down a. Find the correct academic year b. Find the description that corresponds with the location of your course i. Center/Online: All U.S. Centers, Online, Nursing, and all Graduate courses ii. Fayette: Fayette campus undergraduate courses iii. Hong Kong: Hong Kong center courses iv. Self-Paced: Self-Paced courses c. Select the term you are registering for

4. Click Complete the Personal Information Update a. Review your personal information and make any changes or corrections b. Click Submit

5. Click Registration Agreement a. Review the information provided b. Select “Yes” to accept c. Click Submit

6. Click the Course Search tab

7. Click More Search Options to get additional options

8. Search – Enter criteria in any of the boxes a. Try searching by Department to look for courses in a certain department b. Try searching by Campus to see all offerings at your location c. Try searching for Open courses only under Section Status d. Click Search e. If you can’t find the course you’re looking for, try searching with fewer criteria

9. Check the boxes next to the courses you want to register for 10. Click Add Courses

11. Read the Messages a. Courses that are registered will say “Successfully added” b. Courses that are not registered will display an error explaining why not c. Registrations will stay in reserved status until approved by your advisor (except for Fayette undergraduates who have advisor clearance)