Using the VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel

1. Open the document you want to work with" alt="">

2. Add or go to your new field" alt="">

3. Find or add the information table you would like to look up (they can be listed in any order)" alt="">

4. For “Grade”, insert the VLOOKUP function (=VLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, [range_lookup])

a. lookup_value defines the value of the number which we will be looking for in the newly created or referenced table (example below = cell D2)

b. table_array defines the table we will be referring to (example below = H7:I12)

c. col_index_num defines data from which column, from the table_array we want to extract values to show (example below = column 2 [I] from the table H7:I12)

d. range_lookup lets you choose an option either true (approximate match of values) or false (exact match of values)" alt="">

Enter this into desired cell (E2), press enter

Example was put into E2 using information from H7-I12 which generated the grade of “A”" alt="">

5. Hover over the highlighted cell black box. Watch the bottom right corner until you get the ‘+’. Click and Drag down through where you want the equation to fill the remaining cells." alt="">" alt="">

6. For “Prize Money” type in the VLOOKUP equation this time using “False” instead of “true” and changing the information to the new information you need" alt="">

Example was placed in F2 using information from H14-I19" alt="">

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