How to Twin your Avaya desk phone

Twinning is a process whereby your calls ring on two phones. Mobile twinning allows your calls to ring at both your phone's and at another phone's number, which can include an external number. Using the phone menus, you can switch use of mobile twinning on/off and change the destination number for twinned calls. UIU has configured one of the soft buttons on the main display as a shortcut to access the Twinning feature. See the below instructions on how to configure Twinning for the first time.

1) If your phone is not on the main screen, press the Phone button.

2) Press the button on the right side of the screen next to the Twin shortcut


3) With Destination highlighted, press the Edit soft button.


4) With < Not Set > highlighted, enter the number you want twinned as if you were dialing that number directly. Include 6, 1, and the 9 digit number.


5) Once the number is entered properly, press the Select soft button


6) With Twinning highlighted, you can either use the button on the right side of the screen, or the soft button labeled On, which will then change to Off.

7) Press the Save soft button.


8) When Twinning is enabled, the button on the right side of the screen will be lit green.


To turn Twinning off, just press the green lit button on the right side of the screen next to Twin. To re-enable Twinning, perform steps 6 & 7.