myUIU Online Registration - Drop a class

Students may drop courses through the published last day to drop for the course session and location. After that, withdrawal is an option through the last day to withdraw. Consult with your advisor when considering a drop or withdrawal to make sure you understand how the decision may affect you.

1. After logging in, click on the Academics tab at the top of the page

2. Click Add/Drop Courses

  • The screen will always say the Add/Drop period is closed until a session is selected.


3. Select the Session

a. Find the year and session you want to drop from:

i. Sessions 1 & 2: Fall semester

ii. Sessions 3 & 4: Spring semester

iii. Sessions 5 & 6: Summer semester

iv. Semester Long: Only a few specific courses are offered in these sessions

v. Self-paced: These courses start on the 1st of each month

b. Find the location of your course:

i. Center/Online: U.S. Centers, Online, Nursing, and all Graduate courses

ii. Fayette: Fayette Campus Undergraduate courses

iii. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Center courses

iv. Self-Paced: Self-Paced courses

c. Some sessions close for myUIU registration before the last day to drop. Contact your advisor for assistance if you are unable to drop using myUIU.


4. Scroll down to Your Schedule

a. Check the box next to the course(s) you want to drop

b. Click Drop Selected Courses