Using the Microsoft Software Center

This guide covers how to use the Software Center to manage, update and install software, plugins and other applications and tools on your UIU assigned Windows PC.

WHAT IS SOFTWARE CENTER? Software Center is part of Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), which allows IT to deliver, manage, support and update applications and services across campus. SCCM is included in Microsoft System Center 2012 R2.

Software Center will allow you to install a variety of non-licensed software, updates, and plug-ins on your own computer without having to contact UIU Information Technology Services (ITS) for assistance.

TO OPEN THE SOFTWARE CENTER • Click the Start Menu • Choose All Programs • Scroll down and click the Microsoft System Center folder to expand it • Click the Configuration Manager folder to expand it • Click Software Center to open the program

USING SOFTWARE CENTER When the Software Center loads, you will see four tabs across the top: Available Software, Installation Status, Installed Software, and Options. Clicking each of the tabs gives you options related to the tab.

You can view the software already installed through System Center on your computer by clicking the Installed Software tab. Selecting an application will give you an overview of the application, and the date the software was installed.

By default, the Software Center’s Available Software tab shows available software that has not already been installed on your computer.

When software has been delivered to Software Center for installation, you can click the application in the list to see an overview of that software, including its description, version and if a restart is required. To install the application, click Install. You can also select multiple applications by placing a checkmark in the box next to each title. When you are ready to install your selected applications, click Install Selected.

Once you click Install or Install Selected, the Software Center switches you to the Installation Status tab, which shows you the status of your requested installs. You may cancel an install from this screen by highlighting the application and clicking Cancel. Note that if you cancel an install, you have to exit and restart Software Center to see it reappear in your Available Software tab.

The Options tab lists the configurable Software Center options. Some of these options, such as the Remote Control settings, are managed by Information Technology, and can be viewed but not changed. Others, such as Work Information, can be set to your own preferences.

WORK INFORMATION Use this section to indicate the hours and days you typically work throughout the week. The Software Center will use this information to try to schedule software pushes and installs for when you aren’t working, if possible.

POWER MANAGEMENT Information Technology may apply power management policies to allow for more efficient power usage, as well as to wake your computer for overnight software installs. If you would rather be manually responsible for these settings, check Do not apply power settings from my IT department to this computer. For maximum efficiency and productivity, it is recommended that you leave this setting unchecked.

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE This section allows you to have some flexibility over automatic installations pushed to the campus from UIU ITS. Checking Automatically install or uninstall required software and restart the computer only outside of the specified business hours will force the system to only apply updates outside of the times and dates specified in the Work Information section. Unchecking Suspend Software Center activities when my computer is in presentation mode will allow system updates and restarts to occur while your computer is running a presentation. It is recommended that these settings remain at the default.

REMOTE CONTROL This section is managed by UIU ITS and cannot be changed.

APPLYING CHANGES Anytime you make changes to the Options section, click Apply at the bottom of the tab to apply the settings.

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