How do I send a fax?

Staff and Faculty will now perform faxing via  “RightFax FaxUtil,” a program that has been deployed to staff computers in Fayette and to Centers that are connected to Fayette. 

To access FaxUtil

1.  Click the Start button  

2.  Click "All Programs"

3.  Click the folder called "Open Text"

4.  Click "RightFax FaxUtil"

Once FaxUtil is opened, click on the “New Fax” button 


Enter the following information and click "Send":


Dialing works the same as it does with a phone. 4-digit dialing can be used for internal fax numbers. For example, you can send a fax to the IT department fax number (563 425 5314) by entering “5314” as the fax number. To dial externally dial 6+1+phone number. For example, “615634255314.”

NOTE:  If you select "Hold for preview" you must release it to send by right clicking on "Held for Preview", scroll down to "Status" and select "Release"