FERPA - How do I rescind someone’s permissions before the expiration date?

How do I rescind someone’s permissions before the expiration date?

1. Login to your myUIU account

2. Click on the ACADEMICS tab

3. Click on Student Forms on the left

4. Click on Set FERPA Permissions


5. The FERPA Permissions portlet will open

a. The name of anyone who currently has permission to access your information through myUIU will be displayed.

6. Click on Grant/Change Permissions

7. Read through the Introduction and Instructions and click Next page.

8. Complete the Personal Information section of the form.

a. Enter the first and last name, email address, and relationship to indicate whose permissions you wish to rescind.

change permissions3.png

9. Complete the Permissions Information section of the form. You will see instructions under Permission Dates.

a. Enter today’s date in the Permission End Date box.

b. Answer No to each permissions category.

change permissions4.png

10. Click Next Page to review or change your answers before you submit.

11. Click Submit Permissions Form. You should receive an email confirmation that the submission was successful.

12. Permission changes do not take effect right away.

a. The University will process your request as soon as possible (during regular business hours)

b. Upon processing, the person’s previous permissions will be expired.