How do I use the Password Management feature in myUIU?

Beginning September 14, 2015 the "I forgot my password" link will no longer be available.


There will now be a link on the myUIU portal login page called “Password Management” that will allow you to reset your own myUIU portal password. To set up your Password Management feature please follow these steps:

1.  Log into the myUIU portal with your current username and password

2.  Click the "Password Management" link


3.  Next, click on "Change Verification Email"


4.  Enter an alternate email address you would like the change link sent to and then click "Continue" (NOTE: It is not advised to use your UIU email for this).


5.  Once your email has been updated, you can continue to myUIU.


Changing your myUIU portal password, if needed, AFTER setup

1.  Click the Password Management link


2.  Click the "Forgot My Password" link


3.  Enter your myUIU username and the alternate email you provided during setup, then click "Send to Alternate Email".


NOTE:  You should see a similar screen after clicking "Send to Alternate Email", but with your alternate email


4.  Log in to your alternate email account and locate the the password reset email.


5.  Open the email and click the "Click Here" link. (NOTE: This email is time-sensitive and will expire after        15 minutes and you will need to go back to step 1.)


NOTE:  If you see this after clicking the "Click Here" link, your link has expired.


6.  The "Click Here" link will take you back to the Password Management feature where you will enter a new password.


7.  Enter your new password and click "Continue".


8.  After you see verification that your password has been changed, you may continue with myUIU login.


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