Connect to UIUWN Wireless Network (Staff & Faculty)(Fayette Campus)

UIUWN is the intended wireless network for full time faculty and staff on the Fayette campus with UIU issued laptops.

Your laptop must be purchased through, configured by, and issued via the IT Department.

You must logon to the laptop with your own credentials, and you must be a full time Staff or Faculty member on the Fayette campus.

You may notice an extra message on the logon screen stating your computer will automatically connect to the UIUWN wireless network.

If your computer does not automatically connect to the UIUWN wireless network, you can try the following steps to connect manually.

Click on the network icon in the bottom right of the screen, and click on the UIUWN network from the network list that appears.

Click the “connect” button next to the network name to connect to the network.


*****If you are unable to connect to the network, please submit a ticket or contact the IT Helpdesk*****