FERPA - How do I view permissions I’ve granted?

How do I view permissions I’ve granted?

1. Login to your myUIU account

2. Click on the ACADEMICS tab

3. Click on Student Forms on the left

4. Click on Set FERPA Permissions



5. The FERPA Permissions portlet will open

6. The name of anyone who currently has permission to access your information through myUIU will be displayed.

a. For students who previously submitted a paper authorization to release academic or financial information: You are not required to resubmit a request through the Set FERPA Permissions portlet. However, information about the permissions you’ve granted using the paper form(s) will not be displayed here. The individuals you authorized the release of information to using the paper form(s) will not have myUIU access unless you choose to complete the electronic FERPA Permissions request.

7. Click ‘see your defined permissions’ to see more information


a. Permissions that are no longer active will be listed as Expired.

b. If you have changed someone’s permissions, you will see two or more rows for that person.

8. Click on ‘View detail’ on the right to view additional information.