Sherpadesk User Guide

    1.Submitting a new ticket

    a. At the main screen, click on ‘Submit a Ticket’ (Green Button in upper right)

    b. Enter your UIU email address.  Click ‘Continue’

    c. Complete the information and click ‘Create Ticket’

d. Make certain required fields are filled in

e. After clicking ‘Create Ticket’, you will see this screen with your specific Ticket#

f. You will also receive an email such as this. You can simply reply to these emails when communicating with UIU I.T. Support.

2.Checking an existing ticket

    a. Click ‘Check Existing Ticket’

    b. Sign in

c. Click on ‘Open Tickets’

3.Changing your automatic notifications:

    a. Hover over your name in the upper right corner and from the drop down, select “My Profile”

    b. In the “Update Profile” page, select “Notification Rules”

    c. In the “Edit User Built-In Rule” place check marks by the notifications you would like to receive and un-check the ones you do not wish to receive.

d. Click “Save & Next”

e. Click “Finish”

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