What printer do I send my document to? (Fayette Campus)

When you send a print job it will not go to a specific printer but rather to a print queue of which all Fayette campus printers are a part of. This allows you to print from anywhere on the Fayette campus.

We currently have 2 print queues

CopierPIN : Will release your print jobs to a Konica Minolta MFP (Multi Function Printer)

HpPIN : Will release your print jobs to a HP printer on campus

Select File


Select Print


Select the printing queue of the type of printer you will be using

***If neither option is available contact the IT Helpdesk***


***If your printer has double sided printing capability select 'Print on Both Sides' (if needed)***


Select the print button


You should receive a notification that your document is being held in the print queue


Next select the link below on information on releasing your print job.


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