Connect to the UIUGuest Wireless Network (Fayette campus only)

The Fayette UIUGuest wireless network is intended for guest internet access. Visitors to UIU, part time employees, and anyone visiting without student, faculty, staff, or employee status should use the UIUGuest network. The network speed on the UIUGuest wireless network is limited in comparison with other wireless networks.


1.A password is required for access to the UIUGuest wireless network.

How To:

1.Access the wireless network list on your device. (See FAQ # 1502 if you are not sure how to do this).

    2.Choose the “UIUGuest” wireless network, and then choose “connect.”

    3.Upon connecting you will be asked for a security key, or password. Enter the password in the “Security Key” field provided.

    4.Upon entering the password you should have internet access. Windows 7 users may notice a screen asking what type of network this is. On this wireless network you should always choose “public.”

    5.If you have any issues connecting to this network, please contact the I.T. Help Center, or email

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