Using EvaluationKIT to Access Course Evaluation Survey Results

About EvaluationKIT

EvaluationKIT is a survey delivery and reporting software that is paid for by Upper Iowa University. EvaluationKIT is enabled as a third-party integration within uiuLearn. The primary use of EvaluationKIT is for End-of-Course Evaluation Surveys. This tool is to survey large audiences, and is not intended for use in individual classrooms. For individual classroom surveys, please utilize the ‘Survey’ tool in uiuLearn classrooms.

How to Access Results of End-of-Course Evaluation Surveys

Please reference the Course Evaluation Survey SOP from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for details on survey availability, delivery and the process. The instructions below show how to access the data after it is made available to you.

1.Log in to uiuLearn using your assigned user name and password.

2.Locate the ‘My Surveys’ Widget on the uiuLearn homepage. It is on the right side below your calendar.

3.Click on the link to access the survey results available to you. It will load up the EvaluationKIT page with a list of ‘Project Results’. Locate the Project you are interested in viewing and click the link.

4.Under the ‘Report’ heading, click the small blue button to access reporting options. Once you do that, it will download the file to your computer.

5.If you have access to administrative reporting features, you will have additional options to select from. Reports by: Hierarchy Level, Course Section and Instructor. If you feel you should have access to an area, please notify Janet Shepherd.

While in this reporting structure, you can use the various search and sorting tools to get the information you need.

Help and Support Resources

Please reference materials on EvaluationKIT’s support site for documentation and videos on EvaluationKIT. They can be found here: