Import data from Word to Excel

Make sure you save the Word document as a Plain text file (Go to “save as”>Click on the drop-down “Save as type”>Click on “Plain text” from the drop down).

In Excel:

1. Select the “Data” Tab

2. Click on “Get External Data” (Should be the first option on the left)

3. Click on “from Text” (Third option from left to right)

4. Select the Document you want to import

Note that you will be asked to modify the document once it is in Excel:

If you want to import a text file into Excel and have that data be in multiple columns once it's in Excel, it must be either fixed width or delimited. Fixed-width means that new columns occur at the same place on every line. That's not very useful for most information. Delimited means that some ASCII character occurs wherever you want a column break. Usually this character is a tab. If you had address information and wanted the Street, City, and State in different columns, your data would have to look like:

Street {tab} City {tab} State

If you have your data in a table in Word, you're going to want to convert it to text. When you select Table > Convert > Table to Text, Word will ask you what it should separate the text with. In other words, it wants to know what it should use as the delimiter. You can use any ASCII character, but I would suggest a tab or some other character that isn't used in your data. Whatever you choose, just remember to tell Excel to use it as the delimiter when it imports your data.

If your data in Word is not in a table, just save it as Text Only with Line Breaks (.txt) so that every line goes in a different row (assuming that's what you want). When in Excel, you can use Text to Columns to parse it into different columns.

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