Instructions for uploading student assignments to LiveText

To upload an assignment in LiveText you will:

1. Select the course

2. Begin using the template

3. Edit the student artifact section

4. Attach and upload a file

5. Save & finish

6. Continue to Step 3

7. Submit assignment

From the Dashboard, find the course and select 'Begin Assignment'

Next, Select 'Begin Using Template'

Scroll down to the Student Artifact section, then select 'Edit'

Scroll down to 'File Attachments,' then click 'Edit'

Click 'Upload New File'

Click 'Browse'

Locate the file or files you would like to send to the instructor. Some courses may have more than one assignment to upload to LiveText; if this is the case, press CTRL key to select both files. Click 'Open' to attach the file(s).

It will take a moment for LiveText to upload the files. The upload will be complete when the name of the file is diplayed next to 'Inserted File(s).' Click 'Save & Finish.'

You will see the message 'Assignment Not Submitted.' Click the red button 'Continue to Step 3'

Scroll down and click the red 'Submit Assignment' button.

The message 'Awaiting Assessment' is displayed on screed, as well as the date the assignment was submitted.

The assignment is now awaiting assessment by the instructor. The button will turn green after the assignment is complete.

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