How do I view my grades in uiuLearn?

View Cumulative Feedback

1. View your cumulative course score via the Grades tool located in the course navigation bar at the top of the screen. NOTE: The instructor must enable this setting in the gradebook.

2. The current total grade for the course displays at the top of the Grades tool. Remember the total numeric score and letter grade will update as you progress through the course. Your instructor may utilize a grading scale that may or may not use plus and minus letter grades.

3. IMPORTANT: If your instructor included a file and/or audio attachments in your grade feedback they are not viewable in the Grades tool.

View New Instructor Feedback

1. When there is a score and feedback for a recently graded assignment you will see an update in the Updates widget on the course home page. Click on the link ‘Assignment Folders with Unread Feedback’.

2. This will take you to the Assignments tool where you can view the scores and feedback for all assignments in the

course. Choose View to see the feedback.

Tip: assignments with feedback you haven’t viewed appear in bold:

3. The feedback may include written comments. If attachments are included click Download All Files to view them or listen to the audio message if your instructor left one. Choose Done to return to the Assignments tool and view other assignment feedback.

View Feedback from Previous Assignments

The Updates widget only links to assignment feedback you haven’t viewed. Once you view the feedback the link in the Updates widget on Course Home will disappear. In order to review feedback from previous assignments return to the assignment in the Content area of your course.

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