How do I send an email from uiuLearn?

The Email tool in uiuLearn is send-only. You must check your @peacocks @faculty or @uiu account separately to view your inbox.

The Email tool is nested under 'More Tools' in the course navigation bar.

Compose New Message

Type the email address, subject and body of the email into the editor. Click the Upload button to add attachments as needed. Select the blue button to send.

Note: Easily add multiple recipients using the Address Book.

Address Book

1. Click the Address Book button.

2. In the pop-up window select recipients in batches: first select the checkbox left of each name and then click the blue ‘To’, ‘Cc’ or ‘Bcc’ buttons as applicable. The users’ email addresses will appear in the selected field.

3. Click the blue Add Recipients button to add the selected users to the compose message editor.

Sent Mail

1. Click the Sent Mail button.

2. Sent messages can be viewed by clicking on the Subject. Select messages for deletion using the checkboxes and trashcan icon.


1. Click the Settings link.

2. Use the editor to create an email signature for messages sent from uiuLearn and/or select the checkboxes to automatically:

-Save copies of outgoing messages to Sent Mail

-Send copies of outgoing messages to your UIU email account

-Show external email addresses in Address Book

3. Select Save to apply changes.

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