Connecting to the UIUinternet Wireless Network (Fayette campus only)

The UIUinternet wireless network is intended for use by Fayette full time faculty and staff devices that are not provisioned through the I.T. Department. For example, personal laptops, mobile phones, ipads, and other wireless devices should be connecting to this network.


1.You must be full time Faculty or Staff to access the UIUinternet wireless network.

2.You need to have your own credentials to logon to the UIUinternet wireless network.

How To: (any device)

    1.View the wireless networks available for your device (See FAQ # 1502 if you are not sure how to do this).

    2.Click on the “UIUinternet” wireless network, and choose “Connect.”

    3.After connecting to the network, you need to open a web browser to enter your credentials.

    4.Enter your credentials on this screen. Your credentials are the same username and password that you use to logon to computers on the Fayette campus.

    5.If your credentials are valid you will see the following screen, and have internet access:

    6.If you have any issues connecting to this network, please contact the I.T. Help Center, or email

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