How do I submit an assignment?

1. All assignments in uiuLearn are accessed via the Content tool.

2. Find the assignment within the Content tool.

3. All assignment instructions and submissions occur within the assignment content item. Click the Upload button or drag and drop a file into the area as indicated.

4. Locate the assignment on your computer and click Open. If using drag and drop, drag the assignment from the folder on your computer to the Drop Files Here area.

Note: Some assignments may allow you to submit an unlimited number of files or only one file. This is determined by your instructor. If only one file is allowed, you will only be able to select one file on your computer.

5. After uploading the file(s) a Comments box will appear. It is optional to include a note to your instructor. You may also record an audio message for your instructor (optional). Click the Record Audio button.

Note: Adobe Flash Player must be enabled to use the Record Audio feature.

6. Use the red Record button to start and stop the recording. Listen to the message using the green play button. Choose clear to start your message over. When finished, click Save to attach the recording to the assignment submission.

7. When finished, click the blue Submit to Assignment folder button.

8. Your instructor may have set up the assignment to accept only one submission*. In this instance, a pop-up window will appear to ask if you wish to submit. If you choose yes, you will not be able to submit the assignment again. If ready to submit, choose Yes.

*Clarification: one submission may include just one file or multiple files depending on how your instructor set up the assignment.

9. When the assignment submits successfully a brief message will appear for a few moments at the bottom of the page.

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