How do I take a quiz or exam in uiuLearn?

1. All quizzes (and exams) in uiuLearn are accessed via the Content tool.

2. Find the quiz within the Content tool.

3. Before every quiz there is a Summary page. Review the summary page for specific assignment instructions including

- Quiz Availability

- Time Allowed

- Attempts Allowed

- Introduction from your instructor (optional)

- Instructions

When you are ready to begin the quiz click the blue Start Quiz! button.

4. uiuLearn will ask you one more time if you are ready to begin the quiz via a confirmation pop-up window. If you are ready to proceed choose OK. If not, cancel.

5. Inside the quiz the following information is available

 - Time Limit

 - Time Left

 - Number of quiz questions – hint: use the legend to see which responses are saved or unsaved

6. You are able to save each response as you work by clicking the save button following each question. Or click the blue Save All Responses button at the bottom of the page.

7. When finished, be sure to Save All Responses one final time. Then click Go to Submit Quiz.

8. If you left questions unanswered, uiuLearn will give you a warning message with a list and direct link to each unanswered question. You have the opportunity to go back, answer the question(s), save the response(s) and submit. Or you have the option of proceeding without answering the question(s). Click Submit Quiz.

9. After submitting the quiz, a pop-up window will appear to confirm you want to submit. Choose No, Don’t Submit Quiz to return to the quiz. Otherwise click Yes, Submit Quiz.

10. A confirmation page will appear. If the quiz is auto-graded and your instructor has set it up to release your score immediately, the score may also appear on the confirmation page.

11. Once the quiz is graded you will receive an Update alert in the Minibar at the top of the page. Click on the Update Alerts icon to view your feedback in the Grades tool.

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