How do I get my printing PIN code?

When you send a print job it will not go to a specific printer but rather to a print queue of which all Fayette campus printers are a part of.  This allows you to print from anywhere on the Fayette campus. 

Example:  Your office is in L.A. and you are attending a meeting in the Student Center.  During the meeting a document you have needs to be printed.  You simply send the print job to the default printer (queue), walk to OSD's printer, enter your PIN code to release the job and the document will print.  

This method also ensures that confidential or sensitive documents can be "printed", but only after being released when the proper PIN code is entered.

Go to

Sign in with your domain credentials (what you use to sign in to your computer)


Click on "Change Details" on the left menu

Generate your PIN code by pressing the "Generate number" button (code will be 4 digits in length) 

***Note:  Each time you press the Generate number button a new code will appear.


You can now print from any printer on the Fayette campus using this PIN code.

****Follow this link to see how to release a print job using pin code